Healthy Eats: How To Cook Spinach

2019 Apr 4th

Healthy Eats: How To Cook Spinach

Wellness director Connie Cheng shares the benefits of incorporating spinach into your diet.

by goldsgym

National Spinach Day is March 26th! There are a lot of added benefits with adding spinach into your diet. Spinach restores energy and improves the function of red blood cells and is also very high in Vitamin K which is essential to bone health. Plus, a lot of other key nutrients and essentials vitamins are found in spinach too including iron, folate, and Vitamin B2. Connie Cheng, Gold’s Gym wellness director, share her tips on how to cook spinach and the key benefits incorporating into your diet.

How To Cook Spinach:

Connie shares her 4 simple tips on how to cook spinach.

1. Do not wash spinach before storing because moisture causes spinach to spoil.
2. Lightly cooking or wilting spinach will help your body absorb the iron better by reducing the escalates which inhibit absorption. 1 cup of cooked spinach is approximately 75% of iron needed for older men and women and 33% of iron needed for women between the ages of 19-50.
3. Avoid boiling spinach because it will eliminate a lot of its nutrients.
4. Play with different flavors and textures of spinach – raw = bitter & cooking = can bring out the sweetness and saltiness

Now that you know how to cook spinach, try Connie’s Berry Banana Smoothie! It’s the perfect way to sneak in a serving or two of spinach